Help with a Lease

So my family & I had just moved to California because of a job I recently got in the El Segundo area. The plan was to stay in temporary housing (hotel) until we found a permanent location. To get right to the point, a hotel is not a great place for a 3 year old since it is a confined area and all of our belongings were in storage so it got stressful really fast. We were going to use Hotpads & Zillow websites to find a place but it became a problem getting people to respond in a timely manner and not be scammed. Anyways, I eventually got forwarded on to Brian and he ended up working his butt off finding us a place to live. He was very professional and responded to my emails & , when possible, answered my phone calls, and if missed he would get back to me as soon as he could. During our search for a place to rent which took a lot longer than expected since I didn’t realize how fast rental properties, in the South Bay area, get leased once on the market (less than week). Anyways, he eventually found a place for us. Even after finding a place, he still keeps in touch with us to see how everything is going. His actions reflect that he really does care for people and that we are just more than a paycheck. So in summary I would like emphasize on how grateful we are for his guidance and helping us through this journey. It has been an interesting learning experience on how Cali is. I would also like to thank him for being straight forward, genuine and a caring person. I would strongly recommend him for to be anyone’s realtor.